Fire, Smoke, & Soot

Fires are a devastating time for families and businesses. In addition to major property damage there is the damage to possessions that no price can be put on. At Blake Carpet Cleaning & Restoration we understand that getting families back on their feet quickly is often the best way to help start the healing process. Our team can respond quickly to the aftermath of a fire and begin restoring your home to what you are used to. We do our best to preserve as much as possible by removing smoke and soot residue from furnature, documents, photos, walls, upholstery, and electronics. Fire damaged areas can also remain a major health hazard unless properly cleaned. Our primary goal, regardless of the situation is always to restore your property to the safe place that it once was.

Water Removal

Flooding can be common in some areas of San Angelo, and while it does not happen too often, water damage is still a huge threat to homes in the area. Water lines, or sewage pipes can break, condensation can build up, or leaks within the home can all cause damage to our valued possessions. Standing water if not dealt with promptly can be one of the most destructive forces within your home. Simply removing the water can be a major task but the damp areas that are left behind can be just as damaging. Blake Carpet Cleaning & Restoration can get you out from under the water quickly and efficiently.


Humidity is often not something that we think of when we think of destructive water. Humidity can pose a serious threat to things such as important documents, electronics, art, and even the walls and flooring of your home. More importantly, humidity can often lead to mold which can threaten the health of your family, in addition to being quite unpleasant to look at. Blake Restoration can dehumidify your living or work space so that you won't need to worry about any long term damage to your possessions.

Catastrophic Storm Response

While they are rather uncommon in our area, we have seen the destructive power of storms on our homes. The aftermath of a storm is not only a major clean up job, but is often extremely dangerous. Jobs such as this are typically a combination of many of the services that we provide at Blake Carpet Cleaning & Restoration. Regardless of the size and scope of your storm recovery, we will get your property looking like new in no time.

Move Outs

Moving can be one of the most stressful times in our lives. In addition to getting out of your old home and in to your new one, we are often left with a hefty amount of cleaning in order to prepare for a sale or a future tenant. Move out cleaning often encompasses the entire property rather than just a few rooms. Blake Carpet Cleaning & Restoration offers move out cleaning services so that you can enjoy your new home without having to worry about your old one.

Electronics and Equipment

Electronics can be not only some of our more expensive possessions but also some of the most sensitive to changes in weather and indoor climate. Sometimes after a disaster it may not be apparent that any electronics were damaged but humidity and smoke can pose a major threat to televisions and computers. Blake Carpet Cleaning & Restoration employs specialized techniques to help restore your delicate electronics to full and working order.


"We just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful cleaning work you did on our new carpet. We truly appreciate your professionalism, punctuality, and excellent work."
- Cathy

"I thought we should just pull up all the carpet. But after your visit, I am writing this to let you know that you will be my carpet cleaner of choice. I will also continue to recommend your services. The job your crew did under the circumstances was phenomenal...much better than I could have hoped for."
- Connie

"Thanks so much for the beautifully cleaned carpets. We were impressed with the efficiency and professionalism with which you operate your business."
- Leslee

"I love the wonderful job you did on my carpets. They look Excellent! I wanted to let you know that when I was asking my friends about carpet cleaners, every time your company was mentioned it was always favorable and positive."
- Robin

"Thank you very much. The carpet has never looked better!"
- Salene